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Gluten-Free Emergency Disaster Kit

Gluten-Free Emergency Disaster Kit

While this isn’t exactly a travel tip…it is about being forced to live outside your comfort zone for a bit.  What will you do if an emergency hits and you have to live without decent food, water and the other comforts of home?  It always amazes me, when you ask if someone is prepared, the common response is they’ll stock up with a few extra cans of tuna and some granola bars.  These people are lucky…they’ve obviously never had to miss more than a single meal due to an emergency.  Oh no!  My phone is broken…bring out the granola bars!

When you consider that the average disaster/emergency could be about 1-2 weeks without a proper stove or refrigerator what are you going to do?  Truthfully I never even thought about it myself…until one year when I actually had to use those Hurricane Shutters I had installed on my home.  That’s when I realized my family would be able to find food if they were desperate…but what about me?  Was I willing to eat unsafe foods simply to survive?  And would I survive if I did that?  One day = 3 meals, 1 week  = 21 meals, 2 weeks = 42 meals…and I’m not even willing to voluntarily do the gluten challenge to get properly diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

So I decided to pack an emergency `bucket' to store in the closet just in case. Home Depot sells those bright orange "Homer" buckets with tops that seal up tight. They're brightly colored so you can find them regardless of your home's damage. And once the tops are tapped into place they're pretty waterproof too.

Just fill the bucket with your emergency gear...including Gluten-Free food...and seal it up. Stow the bucket somewhere that's easily accessible.  They have handles that make them easy to carry...but be careful not to make it too heavy.  If you need it you'll be functioning under less than optimal conditions and you'll want to be able to handle it yourself. And don't forget to put it where you can actually find it.  I keep mine stored inside the house in an interior walk-in closet that might actually become my shelter in the event of a Tornado.  I also store blankets, jackets & sweaters there as well.  During Hurricane Season I’ll probably stash water in there too.

Once it's closed its water tight…so you'll want food that has a long shelf life…something you won't have to worry about for a few years.  I spent quite a bit of time researching online for Gluten-Free Emergency foods and found a couple sites. They have many Gluten-Free choices and you can purchase things in smaller airtight pouches, and the shelf life is five to twenty years.

I decided not to include anything that might have a shorter shelf life.  I could always pack those things separately a little more last minute if needed.  Protein Bars, Energy Bars, Vitamin/Mineral Supplements, Dried Fruit and Nuts...these are all things I keep well stocked during the Season, but continue to use rather than waste storing them beyond their freshness dates. Even if you do need to open the bucket to remove any outdated 'goodies' and replace them with fresh, don't worry - you can get a new top at Home Depot to reseal the bucket.

And don't forget to store your sunscreen (the strongest you can find), some chap stick and of course bug spray!! Here in Florida these are just about as indispensable as the Gluten-Free food is.

If you get evacuated to an Emergency Shelter take the bucket with you. You’ll find beds and clean linens and hundreds of people without a clue about eating Gluten-Free.  So take care of yourself and bring everything you’ll need with you.  That way you can still eat safe and the only thing you’ll need to have is water to prepare your own food.
I packed my bucket for about $150.00 – a 1 weeks supply of Gluten-Free Food along with Antiseptic, Band-Aids, Batteries, Bug Spray, Flashlight, Freezer Bags, Garbage Bags, Gluten-Free Dehydrated Food, Hand Sanitizer, Knife/Fork/Spoon, Pens/Paper, Playing Cards, Pocket Games, Scissors, Soap, Stick Matches, Sun Block, Toilet Paper, Water, Work Gloves.  I’m honestly hoping that I’ve wasted my money…I don’t ever really want to need to use what’s been packed inside that bucket.
Gluten Free Emergency Kits
We carry a wide variety of gluten free survival food and invite you to take a look at the many different gluten free survival food kits we carry.

Augason Farms
At Augason Farms we have everything you need providing vital nutrition for the individual with the most meticulous of dietary requirements. And of course, all of our gluten free products have an extensive shelf life and are designed with emergency preparedness in mind. 

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