Saturday, January 23, 2016

Celebrity Cruise Gluten-Free

Celebrity Cruise Gluten-Free

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know about my cruise on Celebrity Millennium and thought I'd fill you in on how things went. Once again, I was able to cruise Gluten-Free with no problems at all. We arrived the night before departure in Vancouver and I had to be a bit careful with dinner at the Fogg N Suds Restaurant. But the waitress was very helpful…since she personally knew someone with Celiac.

The cruise was easy. There is a form you'll need to fill out when you book your cruise. It's really simple. I got mine from my travel agent…filled it out…and emailed it in...a copy to the cruise line, and a copy to my travel agent just to be certain.

Once on board I checked in with the main dining room just to warn them I was there and would need a GF meal plan. The Matre'd (who was a bit pompous) told me that because they had received so many requests in the past months that many of their recipes had been adjusted and could be enjoyed without too much trouble. I was assigned an Assistant Matre'd who met me at the table each evening. They weren't as willing to make ANYTHING I wanted like Carnival was. But nearly half the entire menu was GF and easy for me to choose from. Then each night he would bring me the menu for the following evening and help me to choose from those items that were already GF and they would keep them safe just for me. The only thing I didn't enjoy (again) was the
bread…it was that brown, sweetened rice cardboard that most of us have experienced. Dessert was no choice…but different every night and delicious!!  And my Matre’d REALLY worked hard to make certain I was happy and that I loved the food he presented to me.

Breakfast in the morning was in the main dining room and again not as eager to please as Carnival had been. I pretty much stuck to the eggs n bacon w/fruit. Rather boring when I saw what the others were eating. I got pancakes one day but wasn't impressed. I didn't bother with the bread.  Once again, when I got home I immediately sent out a letter introducing them to both Udi’s and Rudi’s breads and baked goods…no response this time.

Lunch on the Lido deck was a bit more challenging…since I had no-one to guide me or ask questions of...Staff wasn’t quite as helpful this time…but they did try. But when I wanted something more than breakfast or dinner it really worked out pretty good. I just had to be a little more selective.

So I did pretty well on Celebrity Millennium, just nothing special. So far I think I'll stick with Carnival next time I'm in the mood for a cruise.

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